Our Heritage

There’s more to Cowboys than just Guns and Hats.

We know this, even though the rest of the world might not, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a place for everything Cowboy Culture.

Us cowboys have been around longer than most people give us credit for. You can trace back our lineage to as far back as the 18th Century when the term ‘cowboy’ first found it’s way into the English language. Root around a bit further and you’ll discover that the term ‘cowboy’ was most likely taken from the Spanish word ‘vaquero’. This Spanish term was eventually anglicized, becoming ‘buckaroo’.

Being a cowboy is so much more than just wearing a hat and a pair of boots. Our culture is a veritable tapestry of touchstones ranging from fashion to food, from great works of art: novels, film, paintings – all of which have informed our national identity and how America is considered by the rest of the world.

As the concept of the cowboy has become so widespread over the years, the world’s perception of the culture that we live in has changed. Where once the all-American cowboy was considered to be an icon of absolute heroism, with actors like John Wayne and Gary Cooper exemplifying the essence of masculinity that the role demanded, today the identity of the cowboy has much more depth.

This blog aims to explore the diverse nature of the modern cowboy whilst also delving into the rich history that our culture has.