New Opportunities for Soon To Be Ex-Cowboys

Are you thinking about hangin’ up your boots?

There comes a time in every cowboy’s life when they start to reconsider their life choices.

The world of the cowboy is a pretty male dominated one. Although there are more and more women stepping into the industry, over the centuries the role of punching cattle has remained one that is associated with masculinity. The growing numbers of capable cowgirls has proven that it’s not a vocation where brute strength is a complete necessity, but anyone (male or female) who has spent more than a few years working on the ranches will know that this is not a job that you do for your whole life.

Every year thousands of cowboys decide to retire from the business. If they’re lucky they might have enough cash to retire on, but many will find that they need to subsidise their nest egg with a consistent, lucrative form of work. The following vocations have been singled out for being particularly suitable for ex-Cowboys. They might involve getting out on the road, being physically active or simply talking to people: all traits of the cowboy lifestyle that you might miss when they’re gone.

Rodeo Rider

You’ll know by the end of your cowboy career whether or not you’re a good enough rider to tackle the demands of the rodeo circuit. Some cowboys, upon retiring, will balk at the idea of ever jumping on a horse again but some simply won’t be able to live without it. Develop a strong reputation in any one rodeo event and you could find yourself supplementing your retirement with the occasional injection of cash prizes or appearance fees.

Travelling BBQ Cleaner

Although this might not sound like the most glamorous of careers to take up, it does guarantee that you’ll spend your days travelling and meeting people which is always fun. You can either strike out on your own, or seek some advice on starting a cleaning business from someone who’s already succeeded. Americans love their BBQs but they don’t love cleaning them, that’s where you come in. Offering a complete service, with the option to book in yearly or bi-annually, you can keep your cash flow steady whilst remaining the master of your destiny.

Truck Driver

When you’ve spent a lifetime on a horse, you might prefer to take a smoother mode of transport – driving a truck or articulated vehicle requires little training and offers you the chance to explore America whilst getting paid! If you enjoy meeting people, travelling to new places and think you’ll struggle getting out of the habit of waking at the crack of dawn every morning then this could be ideal work for you.

Trekking Guide

Finally, if you really can’t separate yourself from a horse for more than a few hours at a time, you might want to consider entering into the tourism trade. Chances are that a career as a cowboy has set you up with a complete set of skills for taking guided treks on horseback. Don’t take your skills or knowledge for granted, as long as you’re a patient, sociable person you’ll be able to get paid well for simply taking tourists out in the countryside you love to spend time in.