5 Cowboy Campfire Must-Haves

Planning a Camping Trip Soon?

A cowboy on a camping trip is a wonderful thing to see.

The great outdoors is arguably where we are at our most comfortable; after all it’s where our forefathers made their fortune and where our traditional attire was designed to be worn. It’s in the wide open spaces of the Yosemite National Park or the lush green forests of the Acadia National Park that our true nature is revealed.

We are men and women of the river. Followers of dusty trails and craftsmen of our own destinies – there is perhaps no better way of understanding American freedom than pitching a tent out in the wilds, starting a fire and sleeping peacefully on the ground that our forefathers have struggled for centuries to tame.

But before you even think about packing your saddlebags for your next excursion into the old West, make sure that you bring along at least a couple of these authentic cowboy essentials:

LXK2 Little Martin

Even if you’re out by yourself doing a bit of soul searching, a portable, clean-sounding acoustic guitar is essential for a camping trip. All you need to know is a handful of chords to string together a heartfelt ode to the good ol’ days. However, if you’re camping with a group, then you should certainly think about learning a few campfire basics just in case you’re called on to lead a rousing singalong.

Survival Knife

A good sharp knife is an essential piece of gear that has been carried by cowboys for centuries. Whilst you should avoid purchasing any knife purely for its ornamental value, it is important that your survival knife has at least a passing aesthetic value.

Although we aim for everything that we carry or wear to have an innate practical purpose, it’s important to remember that our culture also demands that we ascribe to a certain level of ornamentation.

Kemo Sabe Boots

Whilst you may balk at the price, you’ll struggle to find a better boot anywhere else in America than at Kemo Sabe.

This is a brand that understands how boots should be. They create a range of meticulously crafted handmade boots that are both hard-wearing and finely decorated. Although you might well think that it makes sense to spend less money and buy more than one pair boots, the truth is that two (or even three) pairs of boots will not outlast one pair of Kemo Sabes.

BioLite CookStove

Forget about rubbing sticks together for hours on end, this cooking stove is the perfect answer to the modern cowboy’s needs. The BioLite CampStove 2 is a perfect addition to your camping arsenal, providing a simple way of creating and controlling a wood fire. Simply feed the stove with your wood fuel and then use the power to cook your food, light your campsite and even charge your phone. It might not be a traditional campfire, but it’s portable, practical and safe.

The Range Tent

Although you might be attracted to the idea of stretching out underneath a blanket of stars, camping without a tent is not always recommended here in the States. Not only can predators like bears and snakes attack when you’re in a vulnerable position, but the elements are often not best suited to this kind of rough-sleeping. Still, if you’re going to use a tent then it may as well be a traditional cowboy tent. This Range Tent from established tent-makers Ellis encapsulate what is great about traditional canvas style setups.